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Drugs and alcohol play a massive roll on the streets and many homeless people are addicted to some kind of drug. The most common addiction, after alcohol is know on the street as "Spice".

Spice is a legal high which is a laboratory-created cannabis substitute. While simulating the effects on the brain of cannabis, which is banned in many countries, including the UK, its chemical make-up is different and its side-effects, as yet, little studied and some experts say it can be up to 100 times as potent as the drug it mimics. 

Legal highs are popular with people with little money because it’s cheaper, it’s stronger, so a small amount lasts a lot longer. 

I witnessed homeless people smoking spice. They said it was a dirty drug and were saying that they wished they never started smoking it. "Its killing me" one man said. After a couple of tokes he was walking around completely off his face. People on the drug can walk around but their face is flat, they’re not really hearing. Often they’re aggressive. Their empathy has been turned off. They are highly addictive because of the extreme high a user experiences when taking the legal high and once you start it is incredibly difficult to stop. I asked the lads if they took drugs before they became homeless. He replied, Its not the drugs that made me homeless, its homelessness which made me take the drugs.